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March 2, 2007

#230: Hamiltonian



Lecturer: And therefore, based on the existence of a Hamiltonian path, we can prove that the routing algorithm gives the optimal result in all cases.

Man: Oh my God.

[[Close-up of Man]]

(Out of frame): What? What is it?

Man: A sudden rush of perspective. What am I doing here? Life is so much bigger than this!

[[Man Running out of Room]]

Man: I have to go.

[[Man enters darkened room, where woman waits by window.]]

[[Man and woman embrace…]]

[[…and get into bed.]]

[[A heart appears over the supine bodies]]

Woman: Ohh…

[[Hands «grip»]]

Man (out of frame): Wait a moment.

Woman (out of frame): What is it?


Man (out of frame): His proof only holds if there’s a Hamiltonian cycle as well as a path!

Woman (out of frame): …excuse me?

Man (out of frame): Paper, I need some paper.

Man (out of frame): Hey, do you mind if I jot down some notes on your chest?