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March 12, 2007

#234: Escape Artist

Escape Artist

[[One man sits before a computer on a desk while another stands behind him.]]

Standing Man: I was fascinated by locks as a kid. I loved how they turned information and patterns into physical strength.

Sitting Man: Why does my script keep dying?

[[Closeup of the man on the man sitting at the computer]]

Standing Man: And a lock invites you to try and open it. It’s the hacker instinct. Only your ignorance stands in the way.

Sitting Man: Wait it’s passing bad strings.

[[Returns to the two shot of both men]]

Standing Man: I admired Harry Houdini, how he could open any lock and free himself from any restraint.

Sitting Man: Ah - Bash is parsing the spaces.

Standing Man: Sure some of it was fakery and showmanship. But I still wonder how he so consistently escaped handcuffs.

Sitting Man: Backslashes

Standing Man: Huh?

Sitting Man: Never mind.