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February 19, 2007

#225: Open Source

Open Source

[[A man with much facial hair is sleeping on a bed.]]

[[Suddenly, two ninjas jump through the skylight.]]

Ninja 1: Richard Stallman! Your viral open source licenses have grown too powerful.

Ninja 1: The GPL must be stopped.

Ninja 1: At the source.

Ninja 1: You.

[[Richard Stallman wakes up immediately, and pulls his katana out of its sheath from under his bed]]

Richard Stallman: Hah! Microsoft lackeys! So it has come to this!

Richard Stallman: A night of blood I’ve long awaited. But be this my death or yours, free software will carry on! For a GNU dawn! For freedom! … hey, where are you going?

[[The ninja step out the window]]

Ninja 1: Man, you’re right, that never gets old.

Ninja 2: Let’s do Eric S. Raymond next.

Ninja 1: Or Linus Torvalds. I hear he sleeps with nunchucks.

[[Comic alt text: Later we’ll dress up like Big Oil thugs and jump Ralph Nader.]]