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February 16, 2007

#224: Lisp


[[Floating in space]]

Speaker: Last night I drifted off while reading a Lisp book.

Stick Figure Man: Huh?

Speaker: Suddenly, I was bathed in a suffusion of blue.

[[Floating in space before a vast concept tree]]

Speaker: At once, just like they said, I felt a great enlightenment. I saw the naked structure of Lisp code unfold before me.

Stick Figure Man: My God

Stick Figure Man: It’s full of ‘car’s

Speaker: The patterns and metapatterns danced. Syntax faded, and I swam in the purity of quantified conception. Of ideas manifest.

Truly, this was the language from which the gods wrought the Universe.

[[Floating in space with God appearing through a line of clouds]]

God: No, it’s not.

Stick Figure Man: It’s not?

God: I mean, ostensibly, yes. Honestly, we hacked most of it together with Perl.