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December 12, 2007

#356: Nerd Sniping

Nerd Sniping

[[Hat Guy is sitting on a chair, the Normal Guy is standing next to him. Across the street another man is coming from a building.]]

Hat Guy: There’s a certain type of brain that’s easily disabled. If you show it an interesting problem, it involuntarily drops everything else to work on it.

[[The man across the street is about to enter a crosswalk]]

Hat Guy: This has led me to invent a new sport: nerd sniping. See that physicist crossing the road?

[[Hat Guy holds up a sign]]

Hat Guy: HEY!

[[There is an image of a grid with resistors on every connection, two nodes a knight’s move apart are marked with red circles.]]

The sign reads: On this infinite grid of ideal one-ohm resistors, what’s the equivalent resistance between the two marked nodes?

Physicist on the street: It’s… Hmm. Interesting. Maybe if you start with… No. Wait. Hmm… You could–

[[A truck is zooming past, apparently where the physicist just stood]]


Normal guy: I will have not part in this.

Hat Guy: C’mon, make a sign. It’s fun! Physicists are two points, mathematicians three.