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November 14, 2007

#344: 1337: Part 4

1337: Part 4

As time passed, Elaine intensified her hacking work, anonymously publishing exploit after exploit.

[[Elaine is sitting under tree, typing on a laptop.]]

To crack open proprietary hardware, she teamed up with one of the top experts in signal processing and data transferring protocols.

[[Elaine, wearing a backpack, is walking up to a door where a woman is greeting her]]

Elaine: Hi, mom.

Mrs. Roberts (Elaine’s mom): Hello, dear. Did you have fun?

They were an unstoppable team.

[[Elaine is on the floor with her laptop and Mrs. Roberts is on her computer at a table]]

Elaine: I finished the CSS decryptor.

Mrs. Roberts: Good, dear. I’ll send it along to Jon.

And were eventually noticed.

[[Two men in black hats arrive. One holds a briefcase that reads RIAA and the other holds a briefcase which reads MPAA]]

RIAA man: Game’s over.

MPAA man: You’re coming with us.

[[Elaine stands up]]

Elaine: Oh, are we?

[[Mrs. Roberts is still sitting at her computer, typing]]

Mrs. Roberts: Now now, Elaine -

«shink» [[Elaine pulls a knife out]]

«shing» «shing» [[The two men each pull a katana out of their briefcase.]]

Mrs. Roberts: Don’t let them provoke you, dear.

Men: We don’t want to hurt you, Ma’am.

Mrs. Roberts: Don’t by silly. Record company employees can’t just go into houses and slice people up.

RIAA Man: Ah, so you haven’t read the DMCA.

MPAA Man: Title IV, Section 408: Authorization of Deadly Force.

[[Voice comes from off-panel]]: Hark!

[[Everyone looks surprised. Mrs. Roberts stands.]]

[[Bearded man enters, bearing two katanas.]]

Bearded man: Cease this affront to freedom, or stand and defend yourselves!

MPAA Man: Stallman!