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November 12, 2007

#341: 1337: Part 1

1337: Part 1

[[Man 1 talks to man 2 who is lying down on the floor, using his laptop.]]

Man 1: You’re not on the neighbour’s WiFi, are you?

Man 2: Yeah, why?

Man 1: The admin… plays games.

Man 2: No problem. I’ll just hop on a secure VPN.

Man 2: Whoa, my connections are dying as soon as I start to tunnel anything!

Message on laptop: A VPN? How cute! And stop trying to SSH.

Man 2: Holy shit! Someone’s inserting notes into the pages I request! Editing the TCP stream live!

Man 2: Nobody’s that fast. Who is this admin?

[[Neighbour (Mrs. Roberts) with bun tray in one hand, with oven mitts on both hands typing on a desktop computer.]]

Mrs. Roberts: My goodness. Neighbourhood scamps on the wireless.


Man 1: I should have warned you about Mrs. Roberts.

Man 2: How does she type with oven mitts!?

Man 1: You’ve been pwned pretty hard, man. You might want to sit down.

{{ If you’re not cool enough to do it manually, you can look up tools like Upside-Down-Ternet for playing games with people on your wifi. }}