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October 29, 2007

#335: Mattress


[[A couple is cuddling.]]

Cuddling face-to-face is nice, but we can never figure out where to put our lower arms.

Our solution: the Cuddle Mattress!

Your lower arms fit in the convenient gap.

[[There is a diagram of a mattress with a notch cut through it at shoulder level. The gap is indicated with an arrow.]]

[[The same couple is shown again, cuddling snugly on the mattress.]]

[[A man and woman are giving a presentation to another person. The man has a pointer and a clicker for the slides which are projected on the screen next to him.]]

Listener: Oh man, that’s ALWAYS bothered me.

Listener: I want one.

Listener: Although … so the lower arms just sort of dangle?

Listener: What do you do with them?

Man: It was a bit awkward.

Clicker: «click»

Woman: Then we had a second breakthrough.

[[The couple is shown again on the cuddle mattress, this time in more detail and facing the tops of their heads. Their lower arms are sticking through the gap in the mattress and playing a conveniently located game of Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots.]]

Man: «click» «click»

Blue Robot: «punch»

Red Robot: «punch»

Woman: «click» «click»