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January 17, 2007

#211: Hamster Ball Heist

Hamster Ball Heist

Person 1: You know that giant hamster ball you’ve always wanted? I just found out that Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips crowd-surfs in one.

Person 2: Let’s go.

Some Weeks Later …

[[Wayne Coyne is, in fact, crowd-surfing in a giant hamster ball.]]

Person: Ready?

Friends: Ready.

Person: Now!


[[People on both sides shove the crowd out of the way, causing Coyne in his ball to fall to the ground.]]

Wayne Coyne: Hey!

Person: Okay, push!

[[Person and friends start pushing the ball away, as the crowd looks on.]]

[[Some roll him up the ramp into the back of a semi, while others hold the crowd back and one stands by to drive.]]

Wayne Coyne: Help!

[[The truck drives off, leaving the audience in a cloud of dust.]]