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September 8, 2006

#154: Beliefs


[[A girl and man stand together, with another figure in the distance]]

Girl: Professor, that man claims the earth is 6,000 years old!

Professor: So? Just use your head and don’t concern yourself overmuch with what other people think.

Girl: But he says the fossils in the mountains were put there in a flood!

Professor: Well, evidence suggests that they were not.

Girl: But he–

[[A mountain landscape]]

Professor: A million people can call the mountains a fiction, yet it need not trouble you as you stand atop them.

[[The girl and professor again]]

Girl: But he believes the silliest things!

Professor: So?

Professor: The universe doesn’t care what you believe. The wonderful thing about science is that it doesn’t ask for your faith, it just asks for your eyes.

Girl: But he’s a US Senator!

Professor: Ah, then yes, we do have a bit of a situation.