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September 11, 2006

#155: Search History

Search History

Author: In solidarity with the many AOL users whose often embarrassing web searches were released to the public, I offer a sample of my own search history:

[[There is a screencap of Google’s front page with the following entries suggested for autocompletion in the search box:


site:imdb.com “jurassic park”




“home depot” deadbolts

security home improvement

surviving a raptor attack

robert bakker paleontologist

robert bakker “possible raptor sympathizer”

site:en.wikipedia.org surviving a raptor attack

learning from mistakes in jurassic park

big-game rifles

tire irons

treating raptor wounds

do raptors fear fire

how to make a molotov cocktail

do raptors fear death

can raptors pick locks

how to tell if my neighbors are raptors]]