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February 3, 2006

#59: Graduation


[[two girls are talking]]

blonde: What do you want to do when you graduate ?

brunette: I want to become a lighthouse operator.

blonde: Oh ?

brunette: Yeah.

[[cut to scene of lighthouse with text overlaid]]

brunette: Lighthouses are built on interesting pieces of coast, so I’ll have an interesting place to walk and swim, and great views of all kinds of weather. I’d feel good about myself and my work every single day.

[[cut back to two girls]]

brunette: I’d get to be the girl in the tower, only I’d be the one rescuing people.

brunette: Why. What do you want to do ?

blonde: I’m going to grad school. I don’t really know why.

brunette: Wanna come hang in my lighthouse over breaks ?

blonde: …yeah.