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February 24, 2006

#68: Five Thirty

Five Thirty

Comics from 5.30 AM

[[A succession of unrelated and completely random panels]]

Man 1: It’s 80’s night at the club. Wanna go?

Man 1: There is no Tuesday.

Man 2: Jack the Ripper or Jack Black?

[[The second man in this panel is holding a glinting sword]]

Man 1: You crashed my helicopter!

Man 2: Verily!

[[A small figure is talking with a larger figure]]

Figure 1: Basically, neither of us have shins.

Figure 2: Over and out.

[[Two men are shown: one with three arms, and another with just two. All arms have round appendages at their ends]]

Men: shitshitshitshitshit

Men: shitdaylightsavings

Men: shitshitshitshitsh

[[Two figures with pumpkins (carved with faces) for heads]]

Figure 1: You’re out of ointment and out of time!

[[A diagram of a right-angled triangle, with a theta at the smallest angle]]


Man 1: Does being a mermaid for five minutes make you gay?

Man 2: I hope so!

[[A man is holding a gun to the head of another]]

Man 1: Barbershops are for pussies.

Man 1: My hair is bleeding.

Man 2: [square root]3

[[Man seems to be walking on the ceiling]]

Man 1: Bachelor party!

[[Warning sign with picture of spider]]