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December 27, 2006

#202: YouTube


The Internet has always had loud dumb people, but I’ve never seen anything quite as bad as the people who comment on YouTube videos.

[[A YouTube comments page for a moon landing video]]

Comments & Responses

rocckir (48 minutes ago)

this is so obviously faked its unbilevable, why r people so gullible??? morons

bigmike133 (35 minutes ago)

ive seen the space shuttle ass hole it definetly landed on the moon do some research…

gunpistolman (22 minutes ago)

if it was real why is their gravity? americans r fucken sheep

crackmonkey74 (17 minutes ago)

u dont think we went to the moon why not tell louis armstrong to his face

simpleplan2009 (3 minutes ago)

it was a soundstage on mars