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November 10, 2006

#182: Nash


[[Two men stand talking two each other. The first man is pointing off the panel]]

First Man: Hey, Dr. Nash, I think those gals over there are eyeing us. This is like your Nash Equilibrium, right? One of them is hot, but we should each flirt with one of her less-desirable friends. Otherwise we risk coming on too strong to the hot one and just driving the group off.

Second Man (Dr. Nash): Well, that’s not really the sort of situation I wrote about. Once we’re with the ugly ones, there’s no incentive for one of us not to try to switch to the hot one. It’s not a stable equilibrium.

First Man: Crap, forget it. Looks like all three are leaving with one guy.

[[Second Man shakes his fist]]

Second Man (Dr. Nash): Dammit, Feynman!