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October 6, 2006

#167: Nihilism


[[Two men - one capped with a beret, the other hatless - approach a tree while talking.]]

MAN: There is no God. Our existence is without purpose.

MAN IN BERET: Oh, definitely.

MAN IN BERET: We are adrift in an uncaring void indifferent to all our mortal toil.

MAN: Exactly! In the end, nothing we do matters.

MAN IN BERET: [[climbing the tree]] Totally.

MAN: We just… Why are you climbing that tree?

[[THe man in beret is now completely submerged in the tree]]

MAN IN BERET: Because the future is an adventure! Come on!

MAN: But–

MAN IN BERET: Hey! I found squirrels!