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January 1, 2006

#16: Monty Python -- Enough

Monty Python -- Enough

Character #1 [[Raising his hands]]: We are the knights who say… Ni!!

Two guys and a girl: hahaha

[[written]] Does anyone else find it funny that decades later, people are still groting –word-for-word– a group loved for its mastery of shock, the unexpected and defiance of cocnvention?

[[Two guys looking at a third]]

Third guy: We are the knights who… Oh, God, I’m so sorry

[[Close up to Third guy’s face]]

Third guy: So sorry the car just came too fast and

[[Words crumpled inside the panel, there’s barely enough space for the third guy]]

Third guy: She was right there and I sasw her and then it was a blur and so much I ran to help didn’t know she wasn’t moving I’m so sorry … so sorry

[[Same two guys looking again at the third guy]]

Third guy: Anyway, yeah, knights who say “Ni”.

[[Written centered, in markee format]]

Honor <


Monty Python:

Promote surreal humor.

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